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ScreenRes website moved to new servers as part of!


ScreenRes Project Re-Activated.


ScreenRes abandoned.


New ScreenRes Website Goes Online


ScreenRes Update Suspended Due to Compilation Problems.


ScreenRes is now two years old!!! On behalf of the entire development team we would like to thank end users for their support and comments.

ScreenRes Demonstration Page

This page is designed as a test page for those interested in the capabilities of ScreenRes Active X Control. Unfortunatly to run ActiveX controls directly from the web they need to be digitally signed to ensure they don't contain a virus, etc. At the moment ScreenRes is not signed so your browser may not allow you to run this page even if you install ScreenRes. If this is the case and you still want to see ScreenRes then you can download the demo Visual Basic project from the downloads page.

I'm hoping to get ScreenRes signed in the new year, so check back next year.

If ScreenRes is installed properly on your machine and your browser allows you, the text boxes below should contain your screen resolution.

Current Screen Settings
Screen Height Screen Width

Resolution Change
640 by 480
800 by 600
1024 by 768
On leaving this page ScreenRes will revert your screen settings to the normal setings.

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